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dc.contributor.advisorCevallos Alcívar, Jeannette-
dc.contributor.authorOrrala Domínguez, Carlos Hernán-
dc.identifier.citationOrrala Domínguez, Carlos Hernán (2018). Ecuadorian legendary stories to improve the speaking skill to students of tenth grade at Colegio UPSE. La Libertad, Santa Elena academic year 2016-2017. La Libertad. UPSE, Matriz. Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación e Idiomas. 82p.es_ES
dc.description.abstractAt present Education has evolved with new techniques for the teaching-learning process and teachers have decided to apply different resources in their classes. So, the principal objective of this research proved that Ecuadorian legendary stories with the qualitative and inductive methods improved the speaking skill and it was possible to achieve it with the correct activities. Students practiced them, and they became better English speakers, their Speaking skill are in a very high level of proficiency. The use of Ecuadorian legendary stories was very useful for the improvement of the ability mentioned. Though the students of tenth grade from Colegio UPSE had a low level of speaking proficiency, they were predisposed to practice with the specific exercises. Ecuadorian legendary stories contributed them more openings, so, it was very significant not to have lost any detail since the future of students is involved with this project, they were able to interact with their relatives, friends and of course with foreign people.es_ES
dc.format.extent82 p.es_ES
dc.publisherLa Libertad: Universidad Estatal Península de Santa Elena, 2018.es_ES
dc.subjectCOLEGIO UPSEes_ES
dc.titleEcuadorian legendary stories to improve the speaking skill to students of tenth grade at Colegio UPSE. La Libertad, Santa Elena academic year 2016-2017.es_ES
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