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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Digital video activities and their influence for the improvement of english teaching-learning process in students of eighth year of basic education at Virginia Reyes González School in Anconcito, Salinas, Santa Elena province year 2014-2015.Loor Zambrano, Kleber; Piguave Alfonzo, Yenny Verónica
2016Engaging activities to establish effective rapport in english classes for students of eighth year of basic education at unidad educativa Virginia Reyes González, Anconcito, province of Santa Elena, school year 2016-2017.Loor Zambrano, Kleber; Panchana Suárez, María Auxiliadora
2017Interactive CD to improve english vocabulary in students of second grade at escuela de educación básica Altamar, Salinas year 2015-2016.Loor Zambrano, Kleber; Tibán González, Erika Fabiola
2015Interactive reading activities to strengthen english comprehension in students of eighth year at Unidad Educativa Santa Rosa in Salinas, Santa Elena province, year 2014 – 2015.Loor Zambrano, Kleber; Balón Tigrero, José Wilmer
2016Learning strategies to develop english pronunciation for second basic grade students at escuela de educación básica José Mejía Lequerica, José Luis Tamayo, Salinas, province of Santa Elena school year 2015-2016.Loor Zambrano, Kleber; De La A Salinas, Diana Liccete
2016Online application for the improvement of the listening skill in students of eighth grade basic year at escuela de educacion basica Veinticuatro de Julio Santa Elena, province of Santa Elena school year 2016 - 2017.Loor Zambrano, Kleber; Gonzabay Borbor, Lucas Danny
2016Recreational strategies to strengthen the listening skills in second grade students at centro de educación básica Teodoro Wolf, Santa Elena, province of Santa Elena. school year 2016 -2017.Loor Zambrano, Kleber; Gellibert Villao, Laura Paulina
2015Wix, a free website builder as a teaching tool for the enhancement of extensive reading skills to students of first year bachillerato at unidad educativa P.C.E.I. Manuela Saenz, province of Santa Elena, 2015-2016Loor Zambrano, Kleber; Rueda Villa, Aurora del Rocio