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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A wiki page to enhance English pronunciation in level a1 to students of eighth grade at egb unidad educativa Salinas Innova school, Salinas province of Santa Elena, 2015-2016.García Villao, Tatiana; Reyes Suárez, Jennifer Betzabeth
2016Digital application to improve reading skill in students of tenth basic grade at the unidad educative Península de Santa Elena, La Libertad, province of Santa Elena school year 2016-2017.García Villao, Tatiana; Rodríguez Hermenejildo, Rómulo Francisco
2016Journals to improve english writing to students of first bachillerato at centro de apoyo tutorial Santa Rosa, Salinas, province of Santa Elena 2015 – 2016.García Villao, Tatiana; Villón Mujica, Jenny
2016-07Motivational english activities to develop writing skills for sixth grade students at Alexander Neill Elementary School. Santa Elena, province of Santa Elena. School year 2015-2016.García Villao, Tatiana; Morales Tomalá, Lorena
2016Oral activities for improving the speaking skill in the students of ninth basic year at unidad educative Jorge Barek, La Libertad, Santa Elena province. 2015 - 2016.García Villao, Tatiana; Roca Matías, Clara Beatriz
2016Recreational strategies to improve the syntax of the English language among students of fifth basic grade at unidad educativa Salinas Innova, Salinas, province of Santa Elena, school year 2016 – 2017.García Villao, Tatiana; Perero Vera, Geovanny Fernando
2015The use of a student portfolio to promote writing skills through graphs and pictures in students of tenth grade at escuela de educación básica Veinticuatro de Julio in Santa Elena, province of Santa Elena, school year 2014 -2015.García Villao, Tatiana; Reyes Bermeo, María de Lourdes
2018Web application to build on common phrasal verbs in students of tenth basic grade at colegio particular Eloy Velásquez Cevallos, La Libertad, province of Santa Elena, school year 2017-2018.García Villao, Tatiana; Tomalá Tomalá, Liseth Viviana