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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-10-22Discursive competence strategies to improve english speaking skills in 7th basic year students at Adolfo Jurado González school, Santa Elena - province of Santa Elena, school year 2021-2022Ghose, Gargi; Merejildo Quimí, Víctor Enrique
2021-10-22Didactic strategies to improve speaking skills in students from 6 to 7 years old at Alausí Foundation. Alausí, province of Chimborazo, school year 2021 – 2022González Reyes, Sara Dolores; Tomalá De La A, Lissette Estephania
2021-10-22The task-based method to teach basic english vocabulary to tenth-grade students at unidad educativa UPSE, school year 2021-2022Carabajo Romero, Italo Rigoberto; Vera Peña, Julexi Julissa
2021-10-22The tensions in english language learning (ell) that influence in the development of the speaking skill in 1° bachillerato students at unidad educativa Península de Santa Elena. La Libertad. province of Santa Elena. school year 2021-2022Niola Santamartín, Rosa Elena; Ochoa Suárez, María Nathali
2021-10-22Technological tools to develop the speaking skills of fifth grade students at unidad educativa Carmen Montenegro. La Libertad, province of Santa Elena. School year 2021 - 2022Cevallos Alcívar, Jeannette Elizabeth; Orrala Muñoz, Odalis Melina
2021-10-22Strategies to develop english writing skills to a1 hearing-impaired students grade of península de Santa Elena high school, La Libertad – province of Santa Elena, school year 2021 – 2022Almeida Briones, Xavier Antonio; Bohórquez Franco, Jennifer Elizabeth
2021-10-22Teaching strategies based on motivation to promote effective reading comprehension skills for 8th grade students at Dr. Luis Célleri Avilés high school, school year 2021-2022León Abad, Eliana Geomar; Solano Gómez, Camila Rocío
2021-10-22Techniques to enhance english listening comprehension skills in senior students of unidad educativa UPSE, La Libertad, Santa Elena province, school year 2021-2022García Villao, Rosa Tatiana; Picazo Suárez, Adriana Milena
2021-10-22Teaching techniques to improve english pronunciation to students in the third year of elementary school at the Manuelita Sáenz school in the period of 2021-2022Ghose, Gargi; Castro Pérez, Ariana Vanessa
2021-10-22Didactic tools focused on the development of listening skill in 10th basic year students of San Antonio de Padua high school, school year 2021-2022García Villao, Rosa Tatiana; Ángel Tomalá, Eliana Marianela