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Tipo : article
Título : Didactic graphic techniques to enhance reading comprehension in students of eighth grade at Unidad Educativa Jorge Barek, La Libertad, Santa Elena Province, 2016-2017.
Autor : Villacreses Santillán, Byron
Rivera Laca, Zoila Stefanía
Fecha de publicación : 2016
Editorial : La Libertad: Universidad Estatal Península de Santa Elena. 2016.
Citación : Rivera Laca, Zoila Stefanía. (2016). Speech application to improve the listening comprehension skill in the students of second bgu at Unidad Educativa San Marcos, Santa Elena, Province of Santa Elena school year 2015-2016. La Libertad. UPSE. Matriz: Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación e Idiomas. 161p.
Resumen : Reading comprehension is quite important in the development of language learning acquisition because it is the basis of the interpretation, regardless of its extension, this skill is applied not only at the moment of reading but also when students need to study and incorporate new knowledge, being an exercise that people perform even in a constant and automated way. Graphic organizers are useful strategies for students because not only include words but also visual images becoming very effective for students. “Didactic Graphic Organizers to Enhance Reading Comprehension Skills in Students of Eight Grade at Unidad Educativa “Jorge Barek”, La Libertad, Santa Elena Province, 2016-2017” has the purpose of helping teachers through several readings with didactic graphic organizers in order to include them in their everyday classes; In addition, this research is intended to demonstrate that teachers also have the needed imagination to design readings able to help students in the improvement of this necessary skill which is reading comprehension. The methodology applied in the present work was through surveys directed to students in order to gather the necessary data, it was also important to interview specialist professors from YACHAY University of Experimental Technological Research and from a professor of Casa Grande University, in order to get information that may help to this research.
URI : http://repositorio.upse.edu.ec/handle/46000/3903
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