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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-02-14Basic english vocabulary booklet for blind students at C.E.I. Melvin Jones, La Libertad, province of Santa Elena, school year 2018-2019Chávez Gonzabay, Leonardo; Reyes Quimí, Lourdes Gisell
2015Educational games in english to improve oral expression for eighth grade students at the public school Trece de Abril, La Libertad, province of Santa Elena, school year 2014-2015.Chávez Gonzabay, Leonardo; González Reyes, Jenniffer
2016Handbook of activities to improve speaking skills for tenth grade students at unidad educativa mixta particular Sagrados Corazones, Salinas, province of Santa Elena, 2015-2016.Chávez Gonzabay, Leonardo; Valarezo Loor, Pablo Iván
2017-10-16Interactive games to enrichthe english vocabulary in the students of eighth basic grade at unidad educativa Salinas Siglo XXI, Salinas province of Santa Elena, school year 2016-2017.Chávez Gonzabay, Leonardo; Yagual Suárez, Carlos Alcívar
2016Metacognitive strategies for developing speaking skills to ninth graders at escuela de educación básica Paquisha, La Libertad, Santa Elena province, 2015-2016.Chávez Gonzabay, Leonardo; Ricardo Vera, Mónica Maritza
2016Online journals to improve the writing skills in the students of tenth grade at unidad educativa Walt Whitman. Salinas, province of Santa Elena. school year 2015-2016.Chávez Gonzabay, Leonardo; Lucas Chabla, Xiomara
2015Wikis as a teaching tool to improve english academic reading skill on adult of eighth grade at colegio particular mixto bachillerato a distancia Prof. Ernesto González Muñóz, La Libertad, province of Santa Elena, school year 2015-2016.Chávez Gonzabay, Leonardo; Del Pezo González, Grace