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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-06-05A web site to enhance vocabulary in students of third graders at escuela de educación básica Sixto Chang CansingChávez Gonzabay, Leonardo Augusto; González Malave, Ronald Javier
2022-11-16Case studyChávez Gonzabay, Leonardo Augusto; Alegria Valle, Ashley Viviana
2023-06-01Case study for the 10th grade section A, at the unidad educativa bilingüe Americano, school year 2021-2022Chávez Gonzabay, Leonardo Augusto; Chalen Tigrero, Yajaira Julissa
2023-02-13Case study.Chávez Gonzabay, Leonardo Augusto; Chamba González, Aldo Abraham
2023-02-13Case study.Chávez Gonzabay, Leonardo Augusto; Cantos Villao, Nicole Caroline
2021-10-22Didactic strategies for teaching english language communicative skills to students with hearing impairment at Universidad Estatal Peninsula De Santa Elena’s language center, school year 2021-2Chávez Gonzabay, Leonardo Augusto; Carrera Rivera, Christian Josué
2024-02-09Effects of digital books in the listening skills on the second bachillerato students at Unidad Educativa Americano.Chávez Gonzabay, Leonardo Augusto; Córdova Aucancela, Erick Alfonso
2021-10-22Games as a didactic resource to develop a1 english level listening skills of eighth grade visually impaired students at unidad educativa José Antonio García Cando, school year 2021-2022Chávez Gonzabay, Leonardo Augusto; Beltrán Lainez, Meline Xiomara
2023-06-05Montessori sensory material for vocabulary acquisition in first graders of unidad educativa Salinas InnovaChávez Gonzabay, Leonardo Augusto; Baquerizo Gómez, Jesse Antonio; Solano Pilligua, Angeline Carol
2023-05-31Perceptions about limiting factors to develop basic writing skills in efl learners at elementary levelChávez Gonzabay, Leonardo Augusto; Bajaña Ordoñez, Joseline Ibeth; Barre Arroyo, Iveth Milena
2023-10-19The influence of active learning in the development of writing skill in 2do bachillerato U. E. Americano.Chávez Gonzabay, Leonardo Augusto; Borbor Díaz, Adriana Stefanny; Cedeño Párraga, Dayana Carolina