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Title: Task-based method to enhance vocabulary to 9th graders
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Carabajo Romero, Italo Rigoberto
Authors: Alvarez Muñoz, Rosa Martina
Issue Date: 21-Feb-2022
Publisher: La Libertad: Universidad Estatal Península de Santa Elena, 2022.
Citation: Alvarez Muñoz, Rosa Martina (2022). Task-based method to enhance vocabulary to 9th graders. La Libertad. UPSE, Matriz. Instituto de Postgrado. 27p.
Abstract: This work called "Task-based learning as a method to develop vocabulary in English learners, aims for students to develop vocabulary to have better communication in the English language, considering the dimensions of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, interactive communication and discourse management through the application of the task-based learning method, which is based on the student-centred constructivist approach; encourages collaborative learning and the use of the language in real situations. The task-based language teaching approach contributes to improving classroom management and environment in the context of teaching English as a foreign language by focusing on students' interests by designing and planning tasks according to their realities. Concluding, it can be evidenced a commitment on the part of the teachers for the use of the task-based learning method to improve the teaching process - learning the English language.
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