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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-05-27English teaching strategies to enhance reading comprehension skill in eighth graders at unidad educativa La Libertad - La Libertad - province of Santa Elena, school year 2022 – 2023Vera Cruzatti, Rossana Narcisa; Tigrero Hidalgo, Demmy Lissette
2022-05-27Collaborative learning for the improvement of writing skills to first baccalaureate students level A2 at unidad educativa Eugenio Espejo, school year 2021-2022Rodríguez Caamaño, Andrés Alberto; Serrano Jama, Washington Michael
2022-05-27Total physical response method to enhance vocabulary for 4TH graders at escuela de educación básica Ing. Sixto Chang Cansing, school year 2021-2022Carabajo Romero, Ítalo Rigoberto; Rogel Vega, Alex Jonathan
2022-05-27Total physical response to increase english lexicon to 8 years students old at Fundación Amor y Verdad extensión ICP 534, school year 2021-2022Carabajo Romero, Ítalo Rigoberto; Pozo Ramírez, Sharon Eunice
2022-05-27Suggestopedia method to develop listening comprehension skills for first semester from national and foreign languages major at Universidad Estatal Panínsula de Santa ElenaNiola Sanmartín, Rosa Elena; Panimboza Palacios, Cindy Evelyn
2022-05-27Cognitive approach to enhance vocabulary in 8TH graders at unidad educativa Teodoro WolfGonzalez Reyes, Sara Dolores; Neira Rodríguez, Joselyn Ivette
2022-05-27Didactic techniques to reinforce the teaching of grammar tenses for tenth graders at Simón Rodríguez schoolRodríguez Caamaño, Andrés Alberto; Malavé Tomalá, Severo Ernesto
2022-05-27Folk stories to d3evelop critical thinking for second baccalaureate students at high school colegio técnico AncónNiola Sanmartín, Rosa Elena; Jara Palma, Segundo Stephan
2022-05-26Role play techniques to enhance pronunciation to A2 english level students from business administration major course 8-1 at Universidad Estatal Península de Santa ElenaVera Cruzatti, Rossana Narcisa; González Tomalá, Ángel Demetrio
2022-05-26The callan method to enhance vocabulary and pronunciation for seniors at unidad educativa Ancón,school year 2021-2022León Abad, Eliana Geomar; González Clemente, Renato Fabian
2022-05-26Tales and stories to enhance reading skills in 10TH grades at unidad educativa Guillermo Ordóñez GómezLeón Abad, Eliana Geomar; Del Pezo Tomalá, Dannis Alexis
2022-05-26A video game as a tool of practicing and improvement of vocabulary for students of fourth basic grade at Fundación Amor y Verdad, school year 2021-2022Caamaño López, Sandra Elizabeth; Crespo Berland, Jorge Olando
2022-05-26Didactic material to enhance english pronunciation skill for first baccalaureate A students at unidad educativa Santa ElenaRodríguez Caamaño, Andrés Alberto; Campuzano Sánchez, Jean Emanuel
2022-05-26Task based method to reinforce english vocabulary for first semester students from pedagogy of national and foreign languages major, UPSEAlmeida Briones, Xavier Antonio; Basante Morante, Ana Julia
2022-05-26Community language teaching to enhance speaking skills for 10th graders at unidad educativa Dr. Luis Célleri AvilésGonzalez Reyes, Sara Dolores; Baquerizo Figueroa, Bryan Damian
2022-05-26Passive voice (present and past)Carabajo Romero, Ítalo Rigoberto; Pérez Calero, Mishell Stefanía
2022-05-26Will-May-MightCarabajo Romero, Ítalo Rigoberto; Macías Zambrano, Dayana Stefanía
2022-05-26Past Simple (regular verbs)Carabajo Romero, Ítalo Rigoberto; Lucín Figueroa, Violeta Denis
2022-05-26Like-love-hate + ingCarabajo Romero, Ítalo Rigoberto; Flores De La A, Anthony Mauricio
2022-05-26Simple presentCarabajo Romero, Ítalo Rigoberto; Alcívar Márquez, Jesenia María
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 41