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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-02-13Case study report: lack of attention during english class hours focused on tenth grade students at the bilingue Americano high schoolRodríguez Caamaño, Andrés Alberto; Pozo Suarez, Kelvin Eduardo
2022-05-27Collaborative learning for the improvement of writing skills to first baccalaureate students level A2 at unidad educativa Eugenio Espejo, school year 2021-2022Rodríguez Caamaño, Andrés Alberto; Serrano Jama, Washington Michael
2023-02-14Comprehensive exam reportRodríguez Caamaño, Andrés Alberto; Quimí Figueroa, James Steven
2022-05-26Didactic material to enhance english pronunciation skill for first baccalaureate A students at unidad educativa Santa Elena, school year 2021 - 2022Rodríguez Caamaño, Andrés Alberto; Campuzano Sánchez, Jean Emanuel
2022-05-27Didactic techniques to reinforce the teaching of grammar tenses for tenth graders at Simón Rodríguez schoolRodríguez Caamaño, Andrés Alberto; Malavé Tomalá, Severo Ernesto
2022-05-30Digital storytelling to enhance reading comprehensionRodríguez Caamaño, Andrés Alberto; Neira Carvajal, Myrna Jackeline
2022-02-21Gamification as a pedagogical strategy to enhance students' motivationRodríguez Caamaño, Andrés Alberto; Torres Ruiz, Hillary Marissa
2022-02-21Gamification as strategy to improve reading skillsRodríguez Caamaño, Andrés Alberto; Lindao Bernardino, Irene Karina
2023-02-13Methodological strategies to improve communication skills in English languageRodríguez Caamaño, Andrés Alberto; Rosales Moreira, Diana Lisbeth
2022-11-24Motivation, number of students in classes and the English teaching-learning process.Rodríguez Caamaño, Andrés Alberto; Soto Borbor, Daniela Janael
2022-02-21Teaching pronunciation through synthetic phonicsRodríguez Caamaño, Andrés Alberto; Roca Panimboza, Julio Andrés
2022-02-21The effects of note-taking on college students’ attention in online learningRodríguez Caamaño, Andrés Alberto; Marín Narváez, Ingrid Elizabeth
2022-02-21The use of ESL YouTube videos to improve listening skillsRodríguez Caamaño, Andrés Alberto; Plaza Martínez, Michelle Estefanía
2022-02-21Tongue twister as a strategy to enhance speaking fluencyRodríguez Caamaño, Andrés Alberto; Landivar Mesias, Edwin Patricio
2022-02-21Using videos in an EFL classroom to develop language skillsRodríguez Caamaño, Andrés Alberto; Cedeño Trujillo, Edgar Mauricio