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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-10-19Assessment techniques to achieve learning outcomes in the speaking skill of 6th semester PINE major student at UPSE.Carabajo Romero, Ítalo Rigoberto; Lino Moreira, Dennis Jessy; Pacheco Soriano, Edison Alexander
2022-02-21Cooperative learning to enhance oral proficiencyCarabajo Romero, Ítalo Rigoberto; Limones Borbor, Julieta Verónica
2023-05-31Didactic resources to develop communicative skills for students with visual educational needsCarabajo Romero, Ítalo Rigoberto; Alay Ruiz, Melissa Carolina
2022-02-23Face - to - face vs online learning advantages and disadvantagesCarabajo Romero, Ítalo Rigoberto; José Quimí, Juana Alexandra
2022-11-18Film clips to improve listening skills in teaching English as a foreign language.Carabajo Romero, Ítalo Rigoberto; Mosquera Zapata, Maria Isabel
2022-11-18Games as a didactic strategy to promote motivation on learning vocabulary in EFL.Carabajo Romero, Ítalo Rigoberto; Rodriguez Toledo, Marilyn Madeline
2022-02-21Gamification strategy and its impact in the English learning vocabularyCarabajo Romero, Ítalo Rigoberto; Díaz Arévalo, Daniel Ismael
2022-07-15Herramientas tecnológicas y la habilidad lingüística oral en el idioma inglés en los estudiantes de 8vo año de educación básica de la escuela Abdón Calderón GaraicoaCarabajo Romero, Ítalo Rigoberto; De La Cruz Del Pezo, Denisse Susana
2022-05-26Like-love-hate + ingCarabajo Romero, Ítalo Rigoberto; Flores De La A, Anthony Mauricio
2022-11-24Linking words.Carabajo Romero, Ítalo Rigoberto; Ponce Rodríguez, Bryan Armando
2023-06-05M-learning as a methodology to enhance english receptive skills for young learners research projectCarabajo Romero, Ítalo Rigoberto; Mirabá Quimí, Ronny Alexander; Yagual Mosquera, Kelly Odalys
2022-11-24Making comparisons as…as.Carabajo Romero, Ítalo Rigoberto; Tomalá Alejandro, Pedro Darwin
2022-05-26Passive voice (present and past)Carabajo Romero, Ítalo Rigoberto; Pérez Calero, Mishell Stefanía
2022-05-26Past Simple (regular verbs)Carabajo Romero, Ítalo Rigoberto; Lucín Figueroa, Violeta Denis
2022-11-23Reciprocal teaching strategy to improve students’ reading comprehensionCarabajo Romero, Ítalo Rigoberto; Díaz Chávez, Ana Paula
2022-05-26Simple presentCarabajo Romero, Ítalo Rigoberto; Alcívar Márquez, Jesenia María
2022-02-21The importance of ICQs to better students’ performance of class activities in English lessonsCarabajo Romero, Ítalo Rigoberto; Loaiza Angulo, Jean Carlos
2022-02-21The teaching practice regarding to the CEFRCarabajo Romero, Ítalo Rigoberto; Galecio Samaniego, Guillermo Euclides
2022-02-21The use of communicative language teaching approach to improve english oral production skillsCarabajo Romero, Ítalo Rigoberto; Solís Cervantes, Francisco Antonio
2022-02-21The use of communicative language teaching tecnique to enhance fluency in oral productionCarabajo Romero, Ítalo Rigoberto; Valdivieso Haz, Diana Carolina